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About Us

4X Heaven was established in 1986. We are located at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. We do repairs, sell parts, accessories and do installations. We specialize in transfer cases, gear set ups, lift kit installations, repair drive shafts, replace axles, u-joints, yokes, and almost everything that is 4WD related. Our technicians also have the ability to do maintenance and repairs on cars.

If you are looking for Genuine Dana/Spicer replacement parts, we have them. We have a large stock of axles, u-joints, ring and pinions at excellent prices for many domestic vehicles. 

Motive Gear is another line of ring and pinion that we carry. These ring and pinions are of top quality. Yes, you probably can find less expensive gears, but price shouldn't be your main motivation in ring and pinion replacement. You will not find better gears for less money!

If you need a transfer case repaired or rebuilt, you have come to the right place. We take great pride in our work. We have quick turn around times for those who are looking for a repair. All of our remanufactured transfer cases are cleaned; sand blasted, painted and it arrives to you in factory condition. If you prefer to do your own work, we sell the bearings, gaskets, seals and all other internal parts for your case as long as they are still in production.

We are also authorized dealers for several aftermarket companies providing suspension systems, hard and soft bed covers, performance exhausts, bedliners, dress up accessories to make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. The list is extensive. You can dress up your vehicle with the hottest products on the market.


Whatever your 4WD needs may be; we are here to help get you back on the road. Click here to Contact Us!

4 X Heaven   221 West Fulton Street  Gloversville, NY 12078   (518) 725-1203   info@4xheaven.com
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