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Customer Service

For your convenience you can schedule an appointment for your vehicle using the Appointment Request Form.

Here at 4X Heaven we make every effort to make sure your order by mail is filled quickly and accurately. However, if you have any problem, we want to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.

All returns must be authorized and returned in original boxes. New parts cannot be installed and then returned. Restocking fees (15%) are subject to all returns. There are no returns after 30 days.

Packages are shipped UPS and usually are sent on the same day of ordering during the week.

Parts are covered by the original manufacture’s warranties. They vary depending on the product. Manufacturer’s warranties cover the parts not the labor. For repairs that we do in the shop, we extend a six month warranty on our labor.


Personal information is not sold or shared with other institutions. Information that you provide is to help us know who are customers are and how we can help you.

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